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Green Screen Videos

Green Screen Video

Green screen is a widely used technique to change the background and environment for both dramatic and commercial reasons in video. It is ideal for filming educational, instructional videos or interviews.

We have filmed a huge variety of set-ups from studio-based shots through to interviews on location. In each case the principle is the same, the green background is removed in the editing and replaced by a new digital environment to meet the client’s needs. Using high definition greatly improves the finished quality and allows for more ambitious effects to be achieved.

Green screen filming can take place in the Studio at Hamble or at a client’s premises using a portable green screen. As cameras and editing systems get more sophisticated, green screen is really coming of age. The flexibility and variety it offers have really made it a creative and innovative tool.


This short video gives a flavour of some of the use of green screen in client videos. It’s an incredibly flexible and creative tool.


Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about the use of green screen and how it’s helped to convey their messages and products.

Example Video

In this example greenscreen has helped convey the message by the use of additional stills, video and bullet points re-enforcing the speaker’s points.

Case Study: David Beckham

A few years ago, we filmed David Beckham in Madrid in a green screen studio built from scratch in an empty studio. The space was usually used for stills photography and needed a lot of lighting and background to be added.

It’s all in this one minute video:

“The workshop is a brilliant thing for someone to do regardless of where they are in their business journey. It adds a very professional look to your business, for your website, for LinkedIn and YouTube.

It’s a really good opportunity to learn some new skills and to come out with a really, really useful product.”

Jane Brookes - How Management Mastters

“It’s been a great day and I would recommend if from two aspects. What you get to come away with is brilliant, it’s very professional and very well done. It was just an overall good day, there were really good people to meet and we’ve had some great conversations.”

Mark Holes – Eighteen Wealth Planning

“What I loved about the day is that I could get new photos and a video done together. We created a really good 90 second video to promote the business and great head shots. Both are great assets for my website, social media and all forms of digital marketing.”

Karen Williams – The Book Mentor

“If you need to get a video done, you should come along to this workshop I think to have the bonus of having Steve taking photographs as well, you really feel you’re getting a double whammy in terms of benefit.”

Adrian Bold – Bold Internet

“I particularly liked the fact there are other people working on their video's. Being privileged to hear the feedback they received, meant we could improve ours in the moment, which meant we got excellent value from the time invested.”

Sheryl Andrews – The Strength & Solutions Detective

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